12:30 p.m. - Doors open

1 p.m.          Shorts Block 1 (followed by Q&A with filmmakers)

    “Moving Bodies” - Directed by Danny Nilsson - RT 10 Mins

                    “BFE: Best Friends Ever” - Directed by Mario Ramirez - RT 10:10 Mins

                    “Deliver to Evil” - Directed by Matthew Weber - RT 9:14

                    “Hazel, Ruby and Violet Don’t Kill A Guy” Directed by Kim Cobb - RT 24:47 Mins

                    “Washed Out” - Directed by Brandon Vasquez - RT 2:28 Mins

                    “When the Smoke Fumes” - Directed by Thomas Zelios - RT 15:20 Mins

3 p.m.  Film Workshops for Audiences

   Lights, Camera, Slate 

Get equipped with the importance of the slate (often referred to as clapper) and have the opportunity to use it.

    Getting Focused!

Learn what the term “pulling focus” means for the camera and get a chance to practice the art form. 

  Boom in the Shot

Hear how professionals capture good sound and learn how to operate a boom mic on set.

5 p.m.  Valencia Film Alumni gathering

(For Valencia Filml Alumni only)

6:30 p.m.  Shorts Block 2

“From Heart to Pen” - Directed by Anthony Canet - RT 14:00 Mins

                     "The Radio” - Directed by Destin Dern - RT 5:46 Mins 

                        “Valentine” - Directed by Ricky Ortiz - RT 2:47 Mins

          “Jeannie Becomes Star” - Directed by Griffin Landis - RT 12:07 Mins

          “Sleight of Hand” - Directed by Natasha Danielson - RT 24 Mins

7:30 p.m.  Intermission

7:45 p.m. Feature Film: “The First of May”

9:45 p.m. Q&A with Short Film and “The First of May” Filmmakers