Lights, Camera, Slate!


 Scene one, take one - mark! Ever watch the behind the scenes of your favorite films? Then you’ve probably seen a slate in action. You

know, that thing a person claps together in front of the camera before

“action” is called. At this workshop, you’ll learn exactly what slating is,

how it’s done, and how it fits into the importance of the production.

Boom, Boom Operator


 Can you hear me now? Good! The boom operating workshop is a unique opportunity to learn how the pros capture crystal clear audio for major motion pictures. You'll learn to operate equipment, understand proper technique, and much more. Come join us! 

Adjusting the Focus


 Would you like to learn how to perform one of the most stressful jobs on set? Sign up for the 1st Assistant Camera workshop and you will learn the responsibility and importance of understanding what a 1st AC does. 

Green Screen Photo Booth Experience


Get your picture taken on the moon and the rest of outer space! We’ve got props and more, to enhance your memories to save forever! Find us in Room 118!

Homeless Harry


Poor Harry is currently struggling in the film industry. Our students are actively helping him raise funds for his next project, and will be working as crew for his movie! However, we still need your

assistance! Please help Harry’s cause by giving him a donation to get back to work!